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Toronto Police Widows and Orphans Fund

200 - 2075 Kennedy Rd,

Toronto, ON M1T 3V3


How do I change my beneficiaries?

Call the TPWOF and request the Primary and Alternative Change of Beneficiary cards. The Fund will send you the cards,(use a semi-colon) fill them out and send them back to the office. They will be approved at the next Board of Directors meeting.

How does the will reimbursement program work?

Send us a copy of the invoice from the lawyer and the Fund will send you a rebate cheque of $100.

What are the benefits of being a member of the Fund?

The aggregate Insurance coverage of an active member $48,600 (consisting of $40,500 insurance benefit plus a 20% bonus to be confirmed annually) will reduce on a graduated basis on retirement as set out. (Figures listed are for those who have been members for a minimum of 300 months.)

Immediate on 2013 retirement, benefit reduces to: $43,368.00 (2013)

On the anniversary of retirement and for four (4) years, or upon reaching 65 years of age, benefits reduce per schedule to a minimum of see chart below:
$38,136.00 (2014)
$32,904.00 (2015)
$27,672.00 (2016)
$22,440.00 (2017 and beyond)

As of December 31, 2011 an active member has life insurance for $48,600, double if in the line of duty.

Will reimbursement of $100 upon receipt from a lawyer of the creation or updating of a will.

An estate planner is available on request from the office, which holds all of your important contact information for your family in the time of need.

Who regulates the Toronto Police Widows and Orphans Fund?

The Fund is self-insured and regulated by FSCO.